Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Cat of the Month: Gunner!

Ring in St. Patrick's Day with a new friend who's WAY cuter than a leprechaun (sorry, leprechauns)!

Gunner will be cat of the month for two more weeks. That's two weeks left to adopt him with a reduced fee. He's a sweetie who could really use a little TLC in the right forever home. Check him out -- maybe he'll be your lucky charm!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Connex (and You) Can Help Cats in Need!

The jar by the door; the junk drawer; your coat pocket; between the sofa cushions -- they're all places coins like to hide. When it's time to exchange your surplus coins, BCC hopes you'll do it at Connex's Guilford Branch. . .

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Today, we'd like to focus some attention on a full-grown guy who's been with us for awhile, and is hoping to find his forever home ASAP!


Murphy is a very regal and distinguished gentleman with dramatic gold and black stripes and white markings. He's strikingly handsome, but aloof with people he doesn't know well. Such an independent character doesn't give his heart away to just anyone; once he gets to know you, however, he'll play, permit an ear rub (loves that!), and come when you call his name. Murphy isn't comfortable with being picked up, but petting from members of his inner circle is just fine, as well as a game chasing laser lights or anything with feathers or string. Murphy also loves simply lying in a sunny window and watching the world go by. After a vigorous play session, he'll find a secret place for a cozy nap. 

A family with kids isn't for Murphy, but in his foster home, he learned to get along with other cats, and even dogs. Someone who recognizes a diamond in the rough and has the patience to help it shine would be a great match for Murphy, but it's also important to realize that he may be as close to a “finished product” as he's going to get. 

The ideal human for Murphy would be one who enjoys witnessing a cat just being a cat -- playing, purring, chilling -- but isn't looking for an extreme cuddler. If the idea of sharing your home with a gorgeous guy who'll give you your space, yet still let you know he's there sounds about right, come on in and meet Murphy!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Carols and Cats. . .Tonight!

Come to the United Methodist Church TONIGHT and get your yule on for a good cause: Join BCC for Carols and Cats!
. . . and don't forget that BCC is commemorating World AIDS Day all December long by waiving adoption fees on all of our FIV-positive kitties. Learn more about FIV and our cats at our website. Hope to see you tonight at Carols and Cats!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fill the Forester for Ferals this Saturday!

Come on over and help us Fill the Forester for Ferals at Premier Subaru this Saturday, December, 7! The Greater New Haven Cat Project and BCC are partnering for this ASPCA-sponsored event, which aims to raise food and funds for feral cats in our area, as well as draw local and statewide attention to the plight of homeless cats. Learn more about GNHCP and BCC's feral cat support programs and meet Donna Velardi, Certified Animal Massage Therapist and Animal Communicator, who will be giving 5-minute readings during the event. With your help and support, it will be a great day for cats in need!